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Travel luggage-free.

Luggage always comes with you on a trip. Use 'ecbo cloak' to transfer, shop or sightsee light and lugagge-free.

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No coin lockers?

Too small for your luggage? All full? Can’t find them? No problem, use 'ecbo cloak' as an alternative to coin lockers

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Book now, pay later.

You can make a reservation before your trip, or on the day of your trip. Payment is easily done with your registered credit card.


How it works

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Search for space
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Select space you want to store your luggage in

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Reserve space

Select date/time and number of luggage items, and your reservation is complete.

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Store your luggage

Hand in your luggage to the shop staff. Receive an email with your luggage photos, and your check-in is complete.

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Pick up your luggage
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Come back to get your luggage and check-out. Payment is done with your credit card online.



Bag Size :

300yen / day

Any type of bag of which longest side is below 45cm
(e.g. handbags, shopping bags, etc.)

small bag 1
small bag 2
small bag 3
small bag 4

Suitcase Size :

600yen / day

Luggage larger than 'Bag size'
(e.g. suitcases, travel bags, backpacks, etc.)

big bag 1
big bag 2
big bag 3

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