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point 1
Reserve in advance

It is not rare that all of the coin lockers and luggage storage counters at the station get full, and you cannot find anywhere to store your luggage. By using ecbo cloak, you can reserve and secure a space for your luggage in advance.

point 2
No waiting time

You can store your luggage without any hassle. Just simply show up at the counter, show your reservation QR code, and your check-in is complete. No written receipts, no waiting in line.

point 3
Large luggage OK

Not just suitcases but also large items such as musical instruments, golf bags, ski equipment and baby strollers are all ok as well. There are no limit in size or weight, you can store any kind of luggage.

Luggage Storage Counters Map
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[Outside of Station] Travel Service Center
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Icon time
7 days a week 7:30〜20:00
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[Inside of Station] North-South Passage Luggage Storage
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Icon time
Saturday, Sunday and public holidays 10:00〜20:00
Only available to use on weekends and national holidays.
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[Inside of Station] Marunouchi South Exit Luggage Storage
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Icon time
Saturday, Sunday and public holidays 10:00〜20:00
Only available on weekends and national holidays.
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[Inside of Station・B1F] GRANSTA Luggage Storage
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Icon time
7 days a week 8:30〜20:30
How to use ecbo cloak at Tokyo Station
step 1
1. First
Have an account?
step 2

2. Select your check-in date, time and number of luggage

(800 yen per luggage independent of size)

step 3 checkin checkout

3. Show up at the counter at your selected Check-in and Check-out time, and simply show the QR code on your smartphone screen.

*General use of ecbo cloak does not include the QR code. In other shops on ecbo cloak, you will be taken a picture of your luggage at your Check-in instead.

Q. How much does it cost?
A. 800 yen per luggage regardless of size.
Q. Can I store my luggage on the spot without a reservation?

A. Yes you can, but we cannot guarantee there is space left for your luggage. If the counter has already stored up to the maximum number of luggages that day, you will not be able to store your luggage. Also you may have to line up at times of congestion. If you wish to secure your luggage space beforehand, we highly recommend you to use ecbo cloak. *For further information of luggage storage without using ecbo cloak, see here.

Q. How further in the future can I make a reservation?
A. You can make a reservation until the end of the month after next. (for example if you are reserving a space on 4/1, you can reserve until 6/30) Please note the open days are different depending on which luggage counter you choose. Please check the individual counter store page for details.
Q. If I want to cancel my reservation, do I have to pay a cancelation fee?
A. You can change/cancel your reservation free of charge up until one day before your check-in. However, we do not accept schedule changes/cancellation on the date of your reservation. Please note that if you do not show up at your check-in timing, we cannot refund back your payment.
Q. Will there be more counters available to store luggage in the future?
A. Yes! We are preparing for more counters in different stations so stay tuned for updates.
Q. What happens if I am in some kind of trouble on the day of my reservation?

A. We're always happy to help. Just send us a message through 'Contact us' and we'll take care of your trouble.