• Account Registration / Loginarrow right
    • How do I register?arrow right

      You can register by filling in the form from here.

    • How do I login?arrow right

      • If you haven't registered
      To login and use our service, you have to create an account. Please fill in the register form from here.

      • If you have an account
      Enter your email address and password from here to login.

    • I forgot my passwordarrow right

      Enter your email address from this page and we'll send you directions to reset your password.

    • I want to change my account informationarrow right

      After you login, you can change your account information from 'mypage' in the menu.

    • I want to delete my account informationarrow right

      There will be no payment charged until you use our service. But if you still want to delete your account info completely, send us a message through 'contact'.

  • Using ecbo cloakarrow right
    • How do I reserve my space?arrow right

      First, find a place you would like to reserve from the map page. Then click on the 'reserve' button (you may need to login if you haven't at this point) and confirm your date and time of reservation, and how many luggages you want to store.

    • How much is it?arrow right

      We have 2 plans depending on the size of your luggage. All luggage with the longest length under 45cm are regarded as 'BAG SIZE' (¥300 per day), and luggage with the longest side over 45cm are regarded as 'SUITCASE SIZE' (¥600 per day)

    • Maximum days storing your luggagearrow right
      The maximum days you can store your luggage is 10 days. If you wish to store for longer than 10 days please separate your reservation.
  • Storing your luggagearrow right
    • What do I do on the date of reservation?arrow right

      You simply go to the store you registered at your checkin time, and hand over your luggage to the shop staff. After that, the staff will take a photo of your luggage, and the photo will automatically sync to your account. Your chekin will be completed. (Please note that it is necessary for the staff to take a photo of your luggage so we can keep track of status, and if we can't take a photo of your luggage, we will not be able to store your luggage)

      After you are done with your day (or days) come back to the store at your checkin time. The store staff will check your arrival and hand over your luggage, and checkout is completed!

    • What can I not store?arrow right

      The following items cannot be stored:
      • Cash, securities, passbook, stamp, certificates, important documents, seals, credit cards, cash cards
      • Gems, jewelry, art, antiques, medals, emblems
      • Fragile items
      • Items that emit magnetism and affect other items
      • Inflammable material such as kerosene, gasoline, gas cylinder, match, lighter, paint etc.
      • Hazardous substances such as pesticides, powerful drugs, explosives, poisons, scientific chemicals, radioactive substances, etc.
      • Food, animals, plants (including seeds, seedlings)
      • Liquid
      • Items that may emit offensive odors or smells
      • Waste
      • Items prohibited by law
      • Items against public order and morals

      Please note we may refuse storage for anything that we judge as unsuitable for our stores other than listed above.

    • Where does my luggage get stored?arrow right

      We can not state where exactly your luggage will be stored in the store due to security reasons, but a lot of the stores have staff room where your luggage will be safe. We review all the stores and only the stores that pass our standards are listed.

    • Is there insurance?arrow right
      Yes, we do have insurance cooperating with 'Tokio Marine Nichido,' one of the biggest insurance companies in Japan. We guarantee up to 200,000 yen (approx. 1,800 USD) for any luggage lost, stolen or damaged.
    • How many luggages can I store?arrow right
      The number of lugagges you can store differs per store, you can check how many luggage space each store has from the store page.
    • How do I edit / cancel my reservation?arrow right

      You can edit / change your reservation detail from 'mypage' in the menu after you login. Select your reservation, and click 'Change/Cancel my reservation' in the bottom.
      Please note, you can edit/change your reservation details until the day before your reservation, free of charge.
      *If you do not show up at your reservation space at your checkin time, your reservation cost will be charged 100% as cancellation fee.

  • Checking your stored luggagearrow right
    • How can I check the luggage I stored?arrow right

      You can check your luggage on your 'mypage' from the menu, on the 'luggage' tab.

  • Collecting your luggagearrow right
    • How do I check out my luggage?arrow right

      Please collect your luggage at your checkout time, during the shops' open hours. After the shop staff hands you the luggage back, your checkout is complete. Your payment will be complete via your credit card, after the check out is complete.

  • Paymentarrow right
    • How do I pay?arrow right

      To pay for ecbo cloak, please use your credit card. You will need to register your credit card to complete your registeration.
      Available credit cards are: VISA, MasterCard, AmericanExpress.

    • When will the fee be payed?arrow right
      Your payment will be completed after your luggage is checked out from the shop.
  • Promotion Code and Couponarrow right
    • Receiving promotion codes and coupon creditarrow right

      We publish promotion codes for users who have registered on ecbo cloak. By sharing this promotion code with your friends and family who have not registered or used ecbo cloak before, you and your friend will both receive a 300 yen coupon.
      Your friend will be able to use ecbo cloak for the first time at a discounted price, and you will also receive credit (which can be cumulated) so please invite your friends using your code!
      You can check your promotion code from the menu after logging in, from "Promo Code"

    • When do I receive my coupon?arrow right

      After your friend stores and collects their luggage on ecbo cloak, users who have invited that friend on ecbo cloak will receive a discount coupon.
      To those who were invited to ecbo cloak would receive their coupon when they type in the promotion code when or after registering to ecbo cloak.

    • How do I check my coupon?arrow right

      You can check your coupon you received from the menu after logging in, from 'Promo Code' on the 'Credit' tab.

    • How do I use the coupon?arrow right
      The coupon will automatically be used the next time you make a reservation.
  • Otherarrow right
    • What do I do if I am in some kind of trouble?arrow right

      If you have any trouble with your account, payment, etc., please contact us from "contact" and inform us in detail.
      Please note that we cannot support you after you have erased your account.